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Tantric Services

Offerings are per individual or couple. I LOVE working with women! For a limited time, the Couple's Experience is offered at NO extra charge! Couples get the SAME price as an individual (or one on one) private session with me!

  • 1600 (75 minutes) - Introduction in to Tantra :-
    The focus is on you, deepening your ability to be worshipped like a God! Be totally cared for, honored and adored. Enjoy the tried true; Kinsey Scale to lengthen the time you can stay on the edge. Optional male G Spot awakening and healing is available first here, in this and all subsequent sessions listed after.
  • 1800 (95 minutes) - Indepth Intro into Tantric Healing :-
    Learn the fundamentals you WILL need and use in the rest of the session and will keep coming back to for the rest of your LIFE! Explore 素ool proof・Tantric technology for 摘jaculatory Mastery・as we surf the waves of ecstasy together...
  • 2200 (2 hours) - Recieving AND Giving :-
    This experience begins with a sensual bath ceremony. Journey deeper into your body, expanding your ability to be lovingly pampered and pleasured. Recieve beyond what you can imagine, then giving your partner 賎oddess Worship・ through deep relaxation and erotic healing. Optional male gspot healing is also available in this half and half experience.
  • 2600 (2.5 hours) - Goddess Spot Awakening :-
    This magical experience includes everything posted above as we dive deeper into her sexual healing. Allow me to share Tantric technology for activating her amrita or female ejaculate. Help her open with erotic bodywork, thigh massage, G-oddness Spot healing, Amrita and MORE!
  • 3000 (up to 3 hours) - Ultimate Communion :-
    This longer, more intimate experience explores EVERYTHING listed above and ultimately culminates in our divine union.
  • 3300 (up to 3 hours) - Grecian Goddess Experience :-
    Another long and even MORE involved, intimate experience that includes everything above and ALL types of union.

Advance booking incentives

12h ahead gives you $50 off - 24h advance $AVES $100 - 3 days in advance $AVES you $150 - one week out gets $200 off - 1.5 wks $aves $250 - 2wks is a savings of $300 - one month ahead is $500 off - 2mo advance notice $aves $600 - 3 mo out saves you $700 (max savings)

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